diesel air compressor for digging diesel engine screw air compressor with wheels



ANBIT screw high pressure air compressor for mining drill

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ANBIT screw high pressure air compressor uses diesel as power source and is easy to use in field operations. This air compressor with tires, it can be used for short distance movement and flexible and convenient to move. ABT mobile air compressor adopts advanced screw compressor, with strong power, low energy consumption and low failure rate. It is widely used in mine blasting, water well engineering, hot spring mining and oil and gas exploitation.


1. Cummins or Yuchai enginesg.

2. the pressure range 1.7-2.4mpa, air discharge pressure range 16-29.5m3/min.

3. Automatic control and protection system.

4. Error free capacity control.

5. Deluxe micro-computer florescence control panel.

6. All weather models for high altitude operations(customization available for above 5500m high altitude applications by ZEGA only).

7. High quality filtration system with safety filters.

8. Upgraded to EU Stage IIIA engine for more energy saving & eco-friendly.


Model Nominal Pressure(Mpa) F.A.D(Free Air Delivery)(m³/min) Oil Content Disel Power Kw(HP) Weight(wet excl.fuel)(kg) Unit Dmensions(overal)LxWxH(mm)
40SCY 0.6 4.2 ≤6 37(50) 860 2400X1330X1480
58SCY-8two wheels 0.8 7 ≤6 58(80) 1550 3140X1740X1900
110SCY-8four wheels 0.8 12 ≤6 110(150) 2180 3120X1630X2290
110SCY-10two wheels 1 12 ≤6 110(150) 2130 2890X2020X2270
110SCY-10four wheels 1 12 ≤6 110(150) 2180 3120X1630X2290
110SCY-14.5two wheels 1.45 10 ≤6 110(150) 2130 2890X2020X2270
110SCY-14.5four wheels 1.45 10 ≤6 110(150) 2180 3120X1630X2290
138SCY-14.5two wheels 1.45 13 ≤6 140(180) 2384 3350X2060X2350
139SCY-13four wheels(Yuchai) 1.3 15 ≤6 140(180) 2580 3650X1700X2040
141SCY-13four wheels(Yuchai) 1.3 15.5 ≤6 140(180) 2510 3650X1700X2040
180SCY-8four wheels 0.8 20 ≤6 179(240) 3428 3720X1970X2250

about us

 Shenyang ABT Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly provides holistic drilling solutions, serving the mining, stone crushing, water conservancy drilling industry, to help you solve the problem of drilling at high efficiency and low cost. We mainly provide mobile air compressors, drilling rigs, dth hammer, button drill bit , crushers, water meters, is your stable and reliable partner.


ANBIT small portable screw air compressor




1.Q:Can be OEM?

A:Yes.We have own factory.We are provide OEM,ODM.

2.Q:Do you have other model?

A:Yes.Contact Mary, and tell her your requirement.She will help you resolve it.



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