ANBIT Hydraulic Crawler Integrated Dth Drilling Machine Mining Project DTH Bit for Blasting


ANBIT Hydraulic Crawler Integrated dth drilling machine for blasting hole

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ANBIT Separated Blasting Mining Equipment DTH Surface Drill Rig 

ZGYX-410F drill rig upgrades the operation platform, tramming components, hydraulic system, feedbeam, & rotary head.Piston tramming motor greatly increases the work life of tramming mechanism.Upgraded operation platform can be controlled by one operator instead of two, to increase the work efficiency while lowering drilling cost.

Diesel Yuchai YCD4R12T-70
Rated Power 50Kw
Drill pipe size 60mm*2m
Hole range 90-110
Rotation torque(Max) 1650 N.m
Rotation Speed  70-120 rpm
Feed force 15 kN
Pull Up Force 25 kN
Feed Type Chain / cylinder
Tramming Speed(Max) 2.5 km/h
Gradient 25 deg
Total Weight 3800 kg
Transportation Dimensions(L*W*H) 4900*2000*2200 mm


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 Crawler Down the Hole drilling rig ,for open pit mining , quarries and construction work sites, equipp with dry dust collector,more environment friendly and energy saving.



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Shenyang ABT Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly provides holistic drilling solutions, serving the mining, stone crushing, water conservancy drilling industry, to help you solve the problem of drilling at high efficiency and low cost. We mainly provide mobile air compressors, drilling rigs, hammer, drill bit, crushers, underground water detector.We are your trustworthy partner.






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We can accept T/T, L/C.If you have any special requirements, please contact us.

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Our MOQ is 1 sets.

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We support OEM.



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