200m Diesel Engine Water Well Drilling Rig Borehole Machinery Drilling


Cheap price Crawler Mounted DTH drilling Rig 200m Diesel Engine Water Well Drilling Rig Borehole Machinery


 With over 20 years of experience designing and building state of the art geothermal drilling rigs and water well drilling rigs, ABT is the optimal choice for geothermal well drilling equipment and rigs. Our rigs are engineered specifically with the customer in mind: combining low maintenance, high dependability, and advanced high-pressure hydraulics systems means that our rigs are unsurpassed in the market today.

With pride, we say that one of our key point is reliability. The normal life of ANBIT rigs is 35/40 years, with simple and appropriate maintenance and few spare parts.
By choosing ANBIT our customers make a lifetime investment and, thanks to high performances of the rig, this investment will be soon repaid, by a fast and problem-free everyday drilling work.


Product Description
ANBIT-150L is a light, efficient and versatile drilling and drilling equipment. The water well drilling machine adopts a four-wheeled trailer chassis, which will not damage the road and the transition is convenient and quick. It is mainly suitable for drilling small-aperture wells, geothermal air-conditioning holes and other wells, especially for water intake projects in mountainous and rock formations.
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Main Technical Specification
Max.Hole Depth
200 m
Walking Speed
2.5 km/h
Hole Diameter
235 mm
Rotation Speed
Drill rod Length
2 m/3 m
Rotation Torque
5500 N.m
Drill rod Diameter
89,108 mm
2600*1300*2050 mm
Climbing Ability
25 °
Pull Up Force
15 tonf
5500 kg

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