ANBIT 200 DTH Small Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale 5500 N.m Max.


ANBIT 200m water borehole drilling machine


water borehole drilling machine is a new designed, high efficient and multipurpose hydraulic drill rig, mainly for drilling water wells, inspection camber wells and geothermal AC wells, etc.

Product Features

  • ANBIT-200L  Hydraulic DTH Fast Water Well Drilling Rig with light and flexible features for wide civilian market.
  • Small profile for easy access to narrow job sites.
  • Simple but reliable design with adequate rotary torque and lifting force for widely used in civilian market.
  • Hoist and winch able to lift drill tools and accessories up to 1500 kg, reducing workload of operators.
  • Rotation with two speed adjustable for different hole ranges and rock conditions.

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Technical Specification of water borehole drilling machine

Drill pipe Diameter 76/89mm*3m
Max Hole size 219 mm
Rotation torque 5500 N.m
Rotation speed 0-80 rpm
Feed type Oil cylinder+chain
Feed force 50 kN
Pull up Force 15T
The pull up force of winch 1500 kg
Travel distance of support jack oil cylinder 1600 mm
Tramming speed 2.5 km/h
Gradient 25 deg
Ground clearance 300 mm
Total weight 4600 kg
Transportation Dimensions 3000*1350*1880 mm


water borehole drilling machine

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water borehole drilling machine

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