ND45A High Air Pressure DTH Hammer for Drilling Drilling for 4 inches



ND45A High Air Pressure  DTH Hammer for Drilling Drilling for 4inches




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Bassed the characteristics of the wells,oil,gas and construction drilling,our company self-designed,developed and manufactured this kind of high pressure DTH hammer.


1.Using the latest rock drilling theory,optimizing the inside structure and the size of the air distrbution,to make the DTH hammer obtain the optimal energy transfer and make it achieve faster drilling speed and lower air consumption.

2.For such projects as the drill bit break,retrieving very difficult,we specially designed a safe and reliable anti-shedding device for the bit.

3.The check valve can be replaced to replaced to the one with bigger air controlling hole to provide more efficient cutting discharge.

4.The top sub and the drive chuck have special thread,which can achieve an easier disassemble.



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