High Quality Underground Water Well Camera with 360 Degree Camera



High Quality  Underground Water Well Camera with  360 Degree Camera 


Anbit 100 Underground Well Camera (electric) Operating Instructions:

1. During the installation, check whether the equipment is working properly and the mechanical part is damaged. Underground lens is used for vertical well detection to display image detection. It is used in water wells, earth mines, natural gas wells, coal mines and other fields. The diameter range is 25-55cm. The probe light source is 8-9 led 5w power.

2. The equipment consists of three parts: control box, electric winch and down hole pulley.

3. Before use, the down hole pulley is placed in the middle of the wellhead, and the cable is placed between the middle slots of the pulley.

4. Press the pulley counter to reset the data .

5. The power supply voltage is 220v. After the power is turned on, the display will automatically display the image. The middle menu at the bottom of the screen is the main menu, the right is the menu selection button, and the left side is the sub menu. The user can adjust the color, contrast and brightness of the image according to the down hole environment. The image will be saved after the power is turned off.

6. Pay attention to protect the logging cable during use, avoiding the cable and the sharp object of the well wall to scratch. Scratching may damage the cable.

7. This equipment is a video detector, which is only suitable for use in clear water environment. Please use sonic logging instrument to purify the water source before use.

8. The counter is in decimal notation and the error is 5 cm. Please use the wellhead object reference in advance to measure the depth of the down hole problem. The maximum display data bit is 1000 meters deep and the display data is 400m*0.055 meters.

9.  Please prevent the cable from squeezing and damaging.

10. After use, the lens should be cleaned with water. It is strictly prohibited to use a cloth wipe or a corrosive liquid to clean it. Please prevent the lens from being scratched, otherwise the image will be not clear.

11. The instrument is suitable for use under 45 °c. When not in use, please keep the instrument under the temperature above 20 °.

12. When using in cold and warm water wells, you should take cold temperature treatment for measurement and detection first, otherwise the image maybe unclear due to frost.

13. Tighten the detection and sealing parts with pipe wrench tools before use of the equipment to prevent water leakage due to looseness of the sealing parts during transportation.

14. If the image is unclear or dim, it is maybe because of the reflection of sunlight or improper storage in the wet environment.

15 The electric operation has upper and lower button switch. Start and direction buttons are rotated from low gear to high gear. The speed is adjustable.

16, after-sales service:

    1. The products are provided with one-year warranty service after the normal use, and we provide lifetime maintenance.

2. Warranty service is only valid under normal use. If the following conditions occur, we will not be responsible for after sale serviceArtificial damage, improper power supply or incorrect connection of power supply, self-retrofit, not in accordance with the instructions; Damage caused by transportation and other accidents; Maintenance not approved by the company; Damage caused by alteration, misuse or negligence; Improper installation by the user; Damage caused by force majeure caused or natural disasters.

3. If use improperly, which result in damage to the cable sheath, so that the cable and the probe circuit is burned due to water leakage, we will not provide after sale warranty for the equipment.

17. The equipment is constantly changing in technology during the production process, but it will not effect the functions. All rights are reserved by our company.


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