Wireless Electric Gold Mine Detector for Mining detector


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ADMT-200A 3D imaging mobile phone water detector

1.Used for detailed investigation and census exploration of metal ore and non-metal ore, reducing mine investment risk and improving mining success rate and scientific.

2.Used in engineering gelolgical exploration, geological disaster investigation, coal mining goaf, archaeological excavation, groundwater detection, etc…

3.Used for exploration of jade, gems, ebony and crystal to improve the success rate and scientificity of mining.

Advantage of mining detector

Ø One-site imaging: You can quickly create 2D and 3D images on the spot with your mobile phone or tablet PC for easy analysis.

Ø Precise and intelligent:46 years of research and development history, accurate and reliable data.

Ø Simple and efficient:APP operation is simple and easy to understand, innovative measurement methods are 3-6 times faster than traditional methods,simple and ifficient

Ø Inexperienced people can learn the operation in 5 minutes


 Applications of mobile underground Water Detector

1.To find the subsurface rock resistivity, Type of rock like soft, hard / Rock is fractured, if fractured it continues, if continues length and width of the fracture or contact zone

2.Is it a dry fracture or wet zone or filled with water

3.Rock boundaries and its extents

4.Finding the aquifers and its types / subsurface groundwater prospect zones

5.Finding the water bearing rock either it pours or non pours portions

6.To find the bed rock depth of the ground to construction of buildings / major industries

7.Finding which areas is Sustainable for groundwater development & Recharge

8.Flow direction of the subsurface water and find the all direction barrier’s in the controlling of groundwater movement and finding the high magnetic sources

9.It is useful in the mine survey like strike direction and dip of the mineral deposits / ores like quality, composition, quantity of the deposits , this 10.calculations helpful in the estimation deposits, either it is benefit / loss of the economy

Thickness of the soil/thickness of the geological formation, width of the geological formation Mineral exploration and in the making of mine plane


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 Is it difficult to operate and make the graph?

The instrument is easy to operate

 and we will send you the detailed operation manual via email. 

The detector directly mapping with one button, no need computer drawing mapping.

The professional geologist give the suggestions and 24hours online.



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