14 Bar 96kw Diesel Portable Mobile Screw Air Compressor for Construction Works


Product Description

14 Bar 96kw Diesel Portable Mobile Screw Air Compressor for Construction Works

Atlas Copco designed controller Xc2003

  • The robust design guarantees longer lifetime and reliability.

Great service access

  • The large service diirs give easy access to all consumables,including the filters and separator. We offer long intervals beetween servicing and reduced time to perform the service.

Complying to China III non-road machinery exhaust pollutants standard

  • The fuel injection system provides higher fuel pressure, good combustion,more power,but importantly, is cleaner for the environment.

Fuel autonomy

  • Thanks to the large fuel tank capacity, the compressors can run for a full work shift without the need for refueling – even under 100% full load conditions.

Low noise level

  • All components are houses inside a custom designed noise-dampening canopy.

air compressor 10.jpg



Model: LUY 085-14
Working pressure 




Noise sound level 

(at 7m distance, dBA)

Fuel tank capaticy


Compressor oil capaticy 


Outlet valves

(qty; size)

14 8.5 81±3 120 26   1*G3/4 1*G1 1/2
Engine maker Engine model Engine power


Norminal engine speed


Unloading engine speed


Engine inspiration
Yuchai YC4A130-H311 96 2300 1400 torbue charger
Box mounted
Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Weight(mm)    
2350 1300 1550 1470    
With undercarriage, adjustable two bar horizontally
Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Weight(kg)    
3700 1790 1900 1650    

 air comrpessor 12.png

  • Ground Engineering Drilling
    Pneumatic rock drills,block cutters,dewatering pumps and hand-held pneumatic breakers. They are suited for stabilization projects on roads and building sites,as well as basement and foundation excavation for apartment blocks and other buildings.
  • Blast Hole Drilling
    Common applications include aggregate production for costruction stabilization,cement production in limestone quarries and open pit mining.
Company Information

 ABT Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly provides holistic drilling solutions, serving the mining, stone crushing, water conservancy drilling industry, to help you solve the problem of drilling at high efficiency and low cost. We mainly provide mobile air compressors, drilling rigs, hammer, drill bit, crushers, underground water detector.We are your trustworthy partner.



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