Medium-sized mobile screw air compressor

This type of air compressor is highly efficient and energy-saving, and the use cost is low. The automatic control system can automatically and steplessly adjust the air compressor’s suction volume and diesel engine speed according to the use pressure, so that the air supply volume and the gas consumption can be fully matched, so as to achieve better results with lower fuel consumption.

Features of air compressor:

  • Heavy-duty SKF thrust bearings, advanced single-stage, two-stage custom oil-injected screw-type main engine.
  • The entire series of energy-saving products have reached Level 2 energy efficiency, with large exhaust capacity and more economical use;
  • Computer automatic control and protection system.
  • The capacity control without omissions, the unique electrical system is 1 times larger than the standard use range.
  • Matching high-grade heavy-duty filter with safety filter element.

Mobile Screw Air Compressor Product Specifications