Diesel stationary air compressor

stationary air compressor Features

  • This series of products are designed for φ115-224mm borehole drilling rigs and related compressed gas stations required by water well, geothermal and other projects;
  • Under the premise of adhering to the excellent characteristics of mobile air compressors, the series products have been upgraded and optimized for the continuous use of the products
  • and the characteristics of the transportation size requirements, the products are more durable, and the fuel consumption is lower.
  • The whole system product adopts National III engine.

stationary air compressor Picture

Product Specifications

Daily maintenance of air compressor

Usually there are: oil and gas barrel drain, oil level check, peripheral equipment preparation,
Such as water supply and electricity, open the compressor outlet valve, etc.
Air compressors operate in places with many dust particles for a long time, which is easy to produce dirt.
Therefore, the sewage in the air storage tank of the air compressor should be drained cleanly in time.
Some important accessories also need frequent cleaning and maintenance.