QL60 high wind pressure down-the-hole drill bit

QL series high-pressure down-the-hole drill bits

QL60 is a concave high-pressure down-the-hole drill bit. This head shape is suitable for all rock formations, especially in medium-hard and uniform rock formations. The blast hole deviation is small and the slag discharge effect is good.

QL60 drill bit introduction

The QL60 down-the-hole drill bit uses high-quality steel and cemented carbide as raw materials. After a special heat treatment process, the button drill bit is achieved by excavating the hard rock of the button bit, and reduces the energy loss during the transmission process. The tooth force is uniform and difficult. Lost teeth and teeth, so the impact energy is concentrated on the rock to achieve high efficiency driving.

QL60 down-the-hole drill bit features

Long bit life

The drill bit of this model has a long service life. The drill bit is made of cemented carbide. The wear ratio of this material is more than 10-20 times that of similar products, so the service life is greatly extended.

Wide range of use

It has a wide range of applications. Practice has proved that the bit is suitable for drilling in medium-hard formations such as carbonate rock, limestone, siltstone, and sandstone.

high working efficiency

The drilling efficiency of the drill bit is high, the hard alloy has high hardness and wear resistance, and the drill bit can always remain sharp, thus greatly improving the speed of the tooth.


The drill bit is cost-effective. Because the drill bit has a fast drilling speed and long service life, the number of drilling times is small, and the drilling cost is greatly reduced.

QL60 bit technical parameters

QL60 drill bit is the best high-pressure down-the-hole drill bit in China. We have exported this bit to many countries and the feedback is very good. You are welcome to contact us if you need it. We can provide all series of drill equipment and drilling tools.