RE542 reverse circulation hammer

Reverse circulation products——RE542 reverse circulation hammer

RE542 reverse circulation series down-the-hole hammer is a reverse circulation hammer developed by our company, which is mainly used for deep-hole exploration drilling and obtaining core samples.

Advantages of RE542 reverse circulation hammer

The internal structure of this reverse circulation hammer is very simple, and the parts have good rigidity, which ensures a long life of the hammer and simple and convenient maintenance.

The collection tube of this reverse circulation hammer is integrated and can be replaced without disassembling the hammer. The collection tube is carburized, so it has good wear resistance.

RE542 reverse circulation hammer structure diagram

Technical parameters of RE542 reverse circulation hammer

Introduction to reverse circulation hammer

When designing the reverse cycle hammer, based on the experience of the ordinary hammer in the past, combined with the use characteristics of the reverse cycle hammer, the internal structure is optimized to make the energy transfer ideal, so as to ensure that the series of hammer have fast drilling speed and stable continuous sampling. Even in various difficult conditions such as loose soil, hard rock and a large amount of water, this reverse circulation hammer can complete sampling work well.

The reverse cycle hammer is the best hammer equipment in China. We have exported this reverse cycle hammer to many countries and the feedback is very good. You are welcome to contact us if you need it. We can provide all series of hammer products.