ANBIT BW- 250 Stable Mud Pump for Small Drilling Rig



ANBIT PBW- 250 Stable Mud Pump for Small Drilling Rig

mud pump


The Anbit PBW-250 mud pump is widely consulted by the users and has been improved from the characteristics of similar foreign mud pumps. The pump is a horizontal three-cylinder, single-acting, reciprocating pump with simple structure. The pump has Two cylinder diameters and four speeds. Displacement and hole depth can be adjusted according to the application. It can be used for engineering geological drilling. When drilling small-caliber water wells, it can supply flushing liquid into the hole. It can be used with 1500m drilling rig. It can also be used for cement slurry filling. Flexible operation, high quality and durability, good decomposability and easy to relocate.



small drilling mud pumpstable small drilling mud pump


mud pump


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small drilling mud pump



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