SP35A series high-pressure down-the-hole drill bits

SP35A drill bit is a flat-type down-the-hole drill bit, mainly used for geological prospecting, water conservancy and hydropower, highway, railway, construction and other construction projects.

Application of SP35A down-the-hole impactor

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SP35A DTH drill bit features advantages

Long bit life

This drill bit is relatively wear-resistant in the actual working process. Because the wear ratio of the drill bit’s cemented carbide is more than 10-20 times that of similar products, the service life of the bit has been greatly extended.

Wide range of use

Practice has proved that the bit is suitable for drilling in medium-hard formations such as carbonate rock, limestone, chalk rock, clay rock, siltstone, and sandstone.

High drilling efficiency

This drill bit has high hardness and wear resistance, and the drill bit can always remain sharp, which greatly improves the gear feed speed. While the drill speed is high, the user experience is good, which improves user satisfaction.


Because this drill bit has a fast drilling speed and long life, the number of drilling times is small, the drilling cost is greatly reduced, and it has an excellent cost performance. It is a good choice.

SP35A bit technical parameters

SP35A drill product introduction

SP35A bit uses high-quality steel and cemented carbide as raw materials. After a special heat treatment process, the button bit is achieved by excavation of strong rock, and reduces energy loss during transmission. The teeth are uniformly stressed and not easy to fall off. Teeth and teeth, so the impact energy is concentrated on the rock to achieve high efficiency driving.

Features of Flat Drill

Flat face

This flat face is suitable for drilling hard rock formations and corrosive rock formations under high wind pressure. The drilling speed is faster and the drill body wears less.

SP35A DTH drill bit is your best choice

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