TS350S-6 / TS370S-6 series water well drilling rig

water well drill rig

TS350S-6 / TS370S-6 series well drilling rig is a kind of multifunctional hydraulic drilling equipment. It has good performance and strong adaptability. Even in the mountainous area with bad environment and some complex rock strata, it can still carry out water intake work.

Overall design of water well drilling rig

All movements of the rig are completed by hydraulic device, so the labor intensity is low and manpower is saved. The size design of the whole rig is very reasonable, the distance between the front and rear legs is large and the stroke is high, so that the rig can complete the loading of the vehicle without lifting. All operating handles of the drilling rig are integrated into the console, and the operation interface is simple and easy. The operator can monitor the operation of the drilling rig at any time.

Features of water well drilling rig

The unique inlaid hydraulic oil tank makes the overall structure of the drilling rig more reasonable and the performance is more stable, which greatly improves the sense of use of the drilling rig. The special wear-resistant angle steel structure is adopted for the propulsion and lifting track of the power head. The clearance can be adjusted in time according to the wear condition. During drilling, the sliding frame and power head vibrate lightly and the propulsion resistance is small. The core parts of the whole rig are all famous brands at home and abroad, providing guarantee for the performance of the drilling rig.

Technical parameters of TS350S-6 water well drilling rig

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