16-channel water detector

16 channel Water detector Main features

  • Real-time intelligence into 2D, 3D and curve images;
  • The accuracy is greatly improved.
  • Interoperability of instrument screen, mobile phone screen and computer screen
  • Intelligent and flexible, 1-14 channels are optional, and electromagnetic probe can be selected for TT probe measurement mode, and it also supports wireless connection to find water golden hoop.

water detector Product Picture

Main technical parameters

The 16-channel water detector can obtain big data measured by the high-density method, breaking through the depth limitation of the traditional high-density electrical method, enabling the maximum exploration depth to reach 5000 meters.

The single-channel series adopts 1 channel input measurement and is equipped with a 20-meter MN standard measuring line; the 16-channel series adopts 16 channels
Simultaneous input measurement, configure 16 channels of MN input large line; 32-channel series adopt 32-channel simultaneous input measurement, configure
Two 16-channel MN input main lines. Both support MN electrode and TT probe measurement mode can be switched, data superposition filtering can be
Settings, both can be optionally equipped with wire electromagnetic probes for data collection through MN input or wireless Bluetooth connection to the gold hoop.