ADMT-300H Aidu Water Detector

Aidu water detector rod product is a new generation of intelligent instrument developed and designed by our company in conjunction with Guilin Institute of Hydrogeological Exploration and Research. On the basis of more than 40 years of research, design and exploration, the complex data calculation method can be realized through mobile phone or tablet computer to calculate inversion, rapid mapping, can quickly draw 2 D、3D contour map and graph, and can backup data cloud, online expert analysis and other intelligent functions.

In the practice of nearly 20 years, it is widely compared with the manual DC instrument to obtain very good consistency of abnormal curve, and in some areas where the grounding condition is not very good, the abnormal curve is more real than the manual DC instrument. get the general recognition and support of our customers.

 Main features of the instrument

1. mapping convenience: through mobile phones or tablets, PC and so on can be data processing and mapping;

2. data transmission flexible: can be through QQ or WeChat, Bluetooth, data lines, U disk and other transmission methods for data export.

Do not need to pull wire: MN can use electrodes or wireless electromagnetic sensor (probe) for signal input, do not need to pull wire, walk, stop can be measured.

4. expert online analysis: through the mobile phone APP directly upload field photos, data, effect map and so on let online experts assist data analysis.

5. intelligent and efficient: multiple innovative design, obtain a number of invention patents greatly improve the speed and accuracy of exploration.

Introduction to the Working Principle of the Instrument

Based on the principle that electromagnetic waves of different frequencies have different skin depth in conductive media, the earth electromagnetic response sequence from high frequency to low frequency is measured on the surface to study the electrical variation difference of geological bodies at different depths and determine the occurrence state of underground geological bodies.