ZGYX-410F/410F-1 Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig

ZGYX-410F is a split type open-air DTH drilling rig produced by Zhigao company. This model is based on the original 410C machine. By upgrading and optimizing the operating platform, walking parts, hydraulic system, propulsion beam, slewing head, etc., the performance of ZGYX-410Fis upgraded to a new height, which maximizes the drilling function of the product and brings better users Test.

Product Features

ZGYX-410F uses the plunger motor as the traveling part, so the travel life of the drilling rig is prolonged. ZGYX-410F console is upgraded from two person operation to single person operation, which not only improves the working efficiency of drilling rig, but also greatly reduces the economic cost of customers.

The rotary head of ZGYX-410F split type open-air DTH drilling rig uses a single motor with large displacement, which has the characteristics of small volume and large torque. When rotating, the ZGYX-410F split type open-air DTH drilling rig can be adjusted according to the different construction conditions, which can effectively improve the efficiency of hammer footage.

General Specifications

Pipi typeStand 60×2m
Hole rangeφ90-110mm
Rotation torque1650N.m
Rotation speed0~120r/min
Feed force 15KN
Pull up force25KN
Feed typeChain/cylinder
Tramming speed2.5km/h
Total weight3800kg

Diesel Engine Specifications

Rig ModelEngine ModelRated Power
ZGYX-410FYuchai YCD4R12T-7050KW
ZGYX-410F-1Yuchai YCD4R22T-8050KW

ZGYX-410F split type open-pit down the hole drill adopts plunger walking motor and crawler plate is poured with unique technology, which greatly enhances the walking driving capacity of ZGYX-410F split type open-air DTH Drill, prolongs the service life of ZGYX-410F split type open-air DTH Drill, and greatly reduces the maintenance cost of ZGYX-410F split type open-air DTH Drill.

The dust collection system of ZGYX-410F split down the hole drill can be combined with the dry dust collection system produced by Zhigao company, which can not only ensure the efficient development of construction work, but also ensure the environmental protection of the construction process.