Concentric with tube drilling tool

Follow tube drilling tool series-concentric follow tube drilling tool

Concentric and tube drilling tools have good hole straightness and fast drilling speed. The working principle of centering drilling can ensure that straight holes are drilled in all stratums such as gravel, sand and pebble layers, and the drilling speed is fast.

Concentric with tube drill specifications

Advantages of concentric tube drilling tools

Less torque during drilling

Centripetal drilling requires much less torque than eccentric drilling. The ring-shaped drill bit ensures smooth and stable drilling under all conditions, even using a small drill to drill larger holes.

Good slagging effect

The airflow used for slag removal in centering drilling immediately rises along the casing after it is ejected from the guide bit, so the hole wall is less damaged and the slag removal effect is good.

Safe operation

The concentric pipe drilling tool is easy to operate and the system is safe. Since the centering drilling work is relatively smooth, the driller does not need to continuously pay attention to the drilling work.

Working principle of concentric with tube drilling tools

1. Before drilling, weld the ring bit and tube shoe assembly to the casing, and then lock the pilot bit and the ring bit tube shoe assembly, and the shoulder of the pilot bit engages with the tube shoe.
2. The impact energy of the impactor is transmitted to the pilot bit and the ring bit to start breaking the rock, and part of the energy drives the casing forward.
3. After the end of drilling, reversing gently to unlock the bayonet connection and retrieve the drill tool. The ring drill bit remains in the hole. When the hole is grouted and the casing is pulled out, the ring drill bit is taken out together.
4. In the bedrock, if further drilling is required, replace the pilot bit with a standard bit of appropriate size.

Application of follow tube drilling tool

The eccentric drilling tool is suitable for the drilling of water wells, geothermal wells, short holes, medium and small grouting holes in construction, dams, and port projects.

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