Eccentric reaming and tube drilling tool

Follow tube drilling tool series-eccentric drilling tool

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Specification of follow tube drilling tool eccentric reaming tool

Eccentric drill with tube has advantages

Hardening of parts surface

The tube eccentric drill is cast with high-quality materials. The surface of the eccentric drill part is hardened, so it has a long service life, excellent wear resistance and high work efficiency.

Superior performance

The eccentric drilling tool is cast with high-quality materials. The performance of the eccentric drilling tool is stable and reliable, the drilling speed is fast, the work efficiency is high, and the user experience is good.

Working principle of follow tube drilling tool

1. At the beginning of rock drilling, the eccentric reaming sleeve is screwed out along the eccentric guide bit, and the reaming starts at the same time to ensure that the casing and the drilling system advance at the same time.
2. After the follow-pipe is drilled in place, carefully reverse it, turn the eccentric reaming sleeve back, and pull out the eccentric drilling tool system from the casing.
3. Pull the casing upward while spraying concrete grout or other fillers at the bottom of the hole.
4. Use conventional drilling tools to drill in the bedrock to reach the required depth.

Application of follow tube drilling tool

The eccentric drilling tool is suitable for the drilling of water wells, geothermal wells, short holes, medium and small grouting holes in construction, dams, and port projects.

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