DHD380 high wind pressure hammer with tail pipe

DHD has tail tube series hammer

DHD380 is a valveless high-pressure hammer. The hammer is equipped with a nylon tube drill bit. This high-pressure down-the-hole impactor has high working efficiency and long service life.

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Advantages of DHD380 hammer

Low cost of use

This type of high-pressure down-the-hole hammer with a tailpipe is of good quality, and has a higher drilling speed than other hammers. At the same time, the hammer can provide hardening treatment, which can effectively extend the service life of the equipment, thereby reducing the use cost.

Easy to disassemble

This hammer uses few parts, has a simple structure, and all parts are hardened. Therefore, the hammer has a long working life, few failures, and convenient maintenance. The connector and clamp sleeve of the hammer are connected with the outer cylinder by threads, which is easy to disassemble.

Good performance

This high-wind pressure tailpipe hammer, using high-quality raw materials and hammer processing technology, has more stable performance and longer service life. The hammer adopts domestic advanced heat treatment technology to ensure the good mechanical properties of the hammer.

DHD380 has tailpipe hammer structure diagram

Technical parameters of DHD380 hammer

Matters needing attention during drilling

(1) During the drilling operation, pay attention to the working conditions of the drilling rig at all times. When the geological conditions are complicated, it should be operated carefully;

(2) Do not stop the air supply during drilling or when lifting the drilling tool to prevent jamming;

(3) The down-the-hole hammer must be rotated to the right (clockwise), and the drill must not be reversed in the hole to prevent the drill pipe, hammer, etc. from falling into the hole;

(4) The diameter of the new drill bit to be replaced shall not be larger than the diameter of the old drill bit to be replaced to prevent sticking.