Diesel Drive Mobile Screw Air Compressor

Air compressor product features

  • More powerful and energy-saving new air compressor host
    • Two-stage compression, the latest patented screw rotor, higher efficiency;
    • Energy efficiency level is 10% higher than similar products, more energy saving; heavy-duty high-strength design,
    • High-quality SKF bearings, direct drive, quality assurance, stable and reliable:
    • Designed according to the highest design pressure of 40bar, the optimal air compressor structure and reliability.
  • High quality heavy duty diesel engine
    • High-efficiency EFI high-pressure common rail fuel system; supporting heavy-duty diesel engines such as Cummins and Weichai;
    • The intelligent control system precisely controls the fuel injection amount to achieve the best power in the full operating range
    • Output; stronger power, higher reliability, better fuel economy; meet the national three emission requirements.

Product Picture

Product parameters

modelHGS650-18WHGS850 II-22WHGS980II-24CHGS1100II-25YHGS1300-30C
Exhaust volume ( L/min)1824/2029/2530/2535/30
Exhaust pressure (bar)1816/2220/2423/2525/30
Gas tank capacity (L)130130210210260
rated power (Kw)176220264294410
Rated speed (rpm)20002000190018001800
Dimensions (mm)3400*1780*20003650*1900*21003480-1960*19503720*1960*20603900*2100*25600
Total Weight (KG)32004200510053005400