B5 full hydraulic down-the-hole surface drilling rig

The B5 one-piece drilling rig adheres to the consistent excellent performance of Jaya products. It is a down-the-hole surface drilling rig integrating high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

Functions and Features

The fully automatic rod changing function of the B5 drilling rig can greatly save labor costs; the excellent dust removal performance helps to minimize the impact on the environment; the stable traveling and climbing ability is outstanding, and it has a very high cost performance.

With the launch of B5, its excellent comprehensive performance has made it a leader among similar products in China, and has won the praise and trust of Xinjiang Hami customers.

Product picture

Product parameters

Power (kW@rpm)194@2200
Air volume (m3/min)15
Working pressure (bar)17
Drilling range(mm)110-130
Drill pipe specification76mm*3m
Hole depth (m)21