How to Avoid Crawler Chain Derailment for DTH Drilling Rig

If DTH drilling rig is often off-chain, it is necessary to find the cause, because the off-chain of the rig can easily lead to accidents.
Common reasons for off-chain are:

  1. The failure of the tensioning cylinder leads to off-chain. At this time, you should check whether the tensioning cylinder forgot to apply butter, and see if there is oil leakage in the tensioning cylinder.
  2. The off-chain caused by the serious wear of the crawler. If it is used for a long time, the track will definitely wear out, and the wear of the chain rib, chain drum and other components on the track will also cause the track to come off the chain.
  3. The chain guard is worn out due to wear and tear. Now almost all drilling rigs have chain guards on their tracks, and chain guards can play a very important role in preventing de-chaining, so it is also important to check whether the chain guards are worn.
  4. De-chaining caused by wear of the drive motor ring gear. For the drive motor ring gear, if it is seriously worn, we need to replace it, which is also an important reason for the rig off-chain.
  5. Off-chain caused by damage to the chain roller. Under normal circumstances, oil leakage from the carrier roller oil seal will cause serious wear of the carrier roller, which will lead to the track off-chain.
  6. Off-chain caused by damage to the guide wheel. When checking the guide wheel, check whether the screws on the guide wheel are missing or broken. Is the slot of the card guide wheel deformed?

How to avoid track chain derailment?

  1. When walking on the construction site, please try to place the walking motor behind the walking to reduce the extrusion of the supporting sprocket.
  2. The continuous walking time of the machine should not exceed 2 hours. The walking time on the construction site should be minimized. If necessary, it is recommended to stop for a short time before walking.
  3. Avoid raised hard objects when walking, so as not to cause stress concentration on the rail chain.
  4. Confirm the tightness of the crawler, adjust the crawler tighter in soft places such as soil, and adjust it loosely when walking on stones. Too loose or too tight the track is not good. Too loose will cause the track to derail easily, and too tight will cause the chain sleeve to wear too fast.
  5. Always check whether there are foreign objects such as rocks involved in the crawler track, and if any, need to be cleaned.
  6. When working on a muddy construction site, it is necessary to idling frequently to remove the mud deposited in the track.
  7. Regularly check the rail guard and the rail guard welded under the guide wheel