Structural principle and characteristic analysis of screw air compressor

  1. The working cycle of the screw air compressor can be divided into three processes: suction, compression and exhaust. As the rotor rotates, each pair of intermeshing teeth sequentially completes the same work cycle.
  2. Compared with ordinary air compressors, screw air compressors have different characteristics and advantages.
  3. Inhalation process: When the rotor rotates, the cogging space of the main and auxiliary rotors is larger when it turns to the opening of the inlet end wall. At this time, the cogging space of the rotor is communicated with the free air of the air inlet, and the outside The air is sucked into the closed cavity composed of the yin and yang rotors and the casing. When the air fills the entire tooth groove, the intake end face of the rotor turns away from the air inlet of the casing, and the air between the tooth grooves is closed.
  4. Compression process: As the rotor rotates, the inter-tooth volume decreases continuously due to the meshing of the rotor teeth. The volume occupied by the gas enclosed in the interdental volume is also reduced, resulting in an increase in pressure, thereby enabling the gas compression process. The compression process may continue until just before the interdental volume communicates with the exhaust port.
  5. Exhaust process: When the closed volume between the teeth is connected to the exhaust port, the compressed gas begins to be exhausted. With the continuous reduction of the inter-tooth volume, the compressed gas is discharged from the screw air compressor. Compared with the ordinary air compressor, the screw air compressor has obvious advantages. Its appearance will gradually replace the position of the piston air compressor.

There are differences in the displacement of different brands of screw air compressors under the same motor rated power. It is recommended that users fully consider the local climatic conditions when selecting models to ensure that the motor is not overloaded under severe climatic conditions. Under the same rated power, the screw air compressor with larger displacement is less able to adapt to climate change.