KT5C integrated open air down the hole drilling rig

Picture of kt5c integrated outdoor down the hole drilling rig

KT5C integrated open-air DTH drilling truck is an advanced drilling equipment which integrates DTH drilling system and screw air compression system.


Introduction of drilling rig

The drilling rig has the advantages of open-air DTH drilling rig and medium air pressure screw machine. It is an organic combination of the two. It has high working efficiency, good sense of use and high cost performance.

The center of gravity of the rig is low and evenly distributed. It is equipped with heavy “four wheels and one belt” and 19 ° automatic leveling device and double locking system which can be independently controlled. It improves the stability of the whole rig and adapts to different ground conditions.

The rig is equipped with a single-stage medium air pressure screw host with a flow rate of 10m³ / min and air pressure of 1.5MPa. The pneumatic impact is adopted to improve the drilling efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of the equipment.

The drilling rig is equipped with a dual speed travel motor + reducer structure, which achieves the perfect combination of speed and strength. The large displacement hydraulic pump is directly installed on the rear power take-off port of the engine, with simple structure and reduced fault source.

Advantages of kt5c integrated open-air DTH drilling rig

The drilling rig is equipped with rotary propulsion fast and slow switching valve, which can be timely adjusted according to the different characteristics and working conditions of the rock to be drilled. The drilling speed is fast and the hole forming rate is high.

The machine is equipped with a real-time monitoring system and stable self-protection system, which can accurately reflect and control the working state of the drilling rig. It can automatically stop when it exceeds the set range or fails.

Technical parameters of KT5C down the hole drilling rig