LGCY17 diesel powered mobile screw air compressor

Picture of LGCY17 diesel mobile screw air compressor

LGCY17 diesel mobile screw air compressor is widely used in highway, railway, mining, water conservancy, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy, military industry and other industries.

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Characteristics of LGCY17 diesel mobile screw air compressor

main engine

The engine and diesel engine are directly connected through a high elastic coupling. There is no speed increasing gear in the middle, so the efficiency is higher and the reliability is better. The speed of the main engine is the same as that of the diesel engine (no more than 2400r / min), and the service life is longer.

Diesel engine

LGCY13 diesel mobile screw air compressor adopts Cummins, Yuchai and other famous diesel engines at home and abroad. It meets the requirements of national II emission, with strong power and low fuel consumption. It has a nationwide after-sales service system, and users can get quick and perfect service.

Technical parameters of air compressor


Main advantages of LGCY13 diesel mobile screw air compressor

SKY patented screw host rotor profile

Sky patented screw host rotor profile: patented rotor profile, higher efficiency, heavy-duty design, SKF Bearing, direct drive, excellent structure, high reliability, this design improves the working efficiency of the equipment.

Cooling system

High efficiency cooling system, updated by North American R & D center, ensures that the compressor is always in better operation. Independent oil, water, air cooler with large diameter fan design, adapt to the cold and hot climate.

Dynamic system

Heavy duty special diesel engine is matched with Yuchai, Cummins and other special heavy duty diesel engines. Achieve better combustion state in the whole range of engine operation. The product has higher reliability, stronger power and better fuel economy.

Filtration system

Multiple air filtration system centrifugal separation, high-efficiency filter layer and safety filter element triple inlet filtration, effectively prevent the impact of harsh dust environment on the engine.