N4 low and medium wind pressure down-the-hole drill bit

N4 series low and medium wind pressure down-the-hole drill bits

N4 drill product introduction

N4 bit has good stability, long service life, high drilling efficiency, low pressure and medium speed drilling, good gauge protection effect, wide range of use, etc. It can be widely used in construction work such as geological exploration, coal mining, water conservancy and hydropower construction, etc. .

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Advantages of N4 low and medium wind pressure DTH drill bit

Long bit life

The drill bit is made of alloy steel. The wear ratio of cemented carbide is more than 10-20 times that of similar products. Its service life is longer and higher than similar products.

High drilling efficiency

The drill bit is made of cemented carbide, which has high hardness and wear resistance, and the drill bit can always remain sharp, thus greatly improving the speed of the tooth.

Wide range of use

Practice has proved that the drill bit is suitable for drilling in soft and medium-hard (rock formations with drillability below grade 9). Compared with ordinary drill bits, especially for drilling rocks of grade 6-8, the effect is particularly significant.


This low- and medium-pressure down-the-hole drill bit has fast drilling speed and long life, so the number of drilling times is small, the drilling cost is greatly reduced, and it has an excellent cost performance.

N4 down-the-hole drill bit alloy tooth profile selection

  • Bullet teeth
    Application: The middle teeth of down-the-hole drill bits are suitable for rocks with medium abrasiveness and medium hardness. Edge teeth can also be used when the rock is relatively soft.

Technical parameters of N4 down-the-hole drill bit

This low- and medium-pressure down-the-hole drill bit is the best drill bit product in China. We have exported this bit to many countries and the feedback is very good. You are welcome to contact us if you need it. We can provide all series of drill bits and drilling tools.

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