PMVF-75-II permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor

Advantages of pmvf-75-II permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor

Advantages of screw host design

The two-stage compression structure reduces the compression ratio between stages, reduces the internal leakage and improves the unit efficiency. At the same time, the load of each bearing is reduced and the service life of bearing is increased

Advantages of inverter design

The electromagnetic algorithm is more suitable and the magnetic weakening performance is better. High performance vector control, low speed and high torque output, stronger overload ability, faster control response and more complete motor protection.

Design of permanent magnet motor

The excitation magnetic field of permanent magnet synchronous motor is provided by permanent magnet. The rotor does not need excitation current, which improves the efficiency of the motor. The main magnetic field of the motor is constant, the stator current is almost all active current, and the starting current is small.

Difference between permanent magnet frequency conversion and common frequency air compressor

No impact during startup

Since the frequency converter contains the function of soft starter, the maximum starting current is less than 1.2 times of the rated current, and the starting impact is very small. This kind of impact is not only to the power grid, but also to the whole mechanical system.

Barometric stability

Compared with the upper and lower limit switch control of power frequency operation, the air pressure stability is improved exponentially

Variable flow control

When the air consumption is low, the air compressor can be automatically dormant, which greatly reduces the loss of energy. The optimized control strategy can further improve the energy saving effect.

Technical parameters of pmvf-75-II permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor


The permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor has a powerful control system, which is designed to meet the requirements of multi pressure and multi displacement under different working conditions. All kinds of protection are more comprehensive and powerful, and the functions of timing start and stop can meet various possible application requirements.