Precautions for the use of air compressors

Air compressor usage and precautions

  1. The air compressor should be parked in a place away from steam, gas and dust. The intake pipe should be equipped with a filter device. After the air compressor is in place, apply the spacer
    Symmetrically wedged.
  2. Always keep the outside of the storage tank clean. Welding or hot working near the gas tank is prohibited. The air storage tank should be hydraulically tested once a year, and the test pressure should be
    1.5 times the pressure. The air pressure gauge and safety valve should be inspected once a year.
  3. The operator should be specially trained, must fully understand the structure, performance and function of the air compressor and auxiliary equipment, and be familiar with the operation and maintenance procedures.
  4. Operators should wear work clothes, and lesbians should stuff their hair braids into their work caps. It is strictly forbidden to operate after drinking, not to engage in things unrelated to the operation, and not to drive without authorization.
    In the work position, it is not allowed to arbitrarily decide that the non-local operator will take the place of the work.
  5. Before starting the air compressor, check and prepare according to the regulations, and pay attention to open all the valves of the air storage tank. After the diesel engine is started, low speed, medium speed,
    Heating operation at rated speed, after paying attention to whether the readings of each instrument are normal, can run with load. The air compressor should gradually increase the load to start, and the full load can only be achieved after each part is normal.
  6. During the operation of the air compressor, pay attention to the reading of the instrument (especially the reading of the barometer) at any time, and listen to the sound of each department. If any abnormality is found, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.
    check. The maximum air pressure in the air tank must not exceed the pressure specified on the nameplate. Every 2 to 4 hours of operation, the condensed oil and water discharge valves of the intercooler and the air storage tank should be opened 1 to 2 times. engage
    Good cleaning of the machine, after long-term operation of the air compressor, it is forbidden to rinse with cold water.
  7. When the air compressor is stopped, the exhaust valve of the air storage tank should be gradually opened, the pressure should be lowered slowly, and the speed of the diesel engine should be correspondingly reduced, so that the air compressor can be operated at no load and low speed.
    Turn for 5~10 seconds. After the air compressor stops, the diesel engine continues to run at low speed for 5 seconds and then stops. When the temperature is lower than 5 degrees in winter, the cooling without antifreeze should be exhausted after shutdown
  8. When cleaning the heat sink, do not use the combustion method to remove the oil pollution of the pipeline. Maintenance work such as cleaning and tightening must be carried out after shutdown. Blow out parts with compressed air
    It is strictly forbidden to point the air outlet at the human body or other equipment to prevent injury or damage.
  9. Regularly (weekly) conduct a manual exhaust test on the safety valve of the gas storage tank to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the safety valve.
  10. Do a good job of cleaning the machine. After long-term operation of the air compressor, it is forbidden to rinse with cold water.