QL40A no tailpipe high wind pressure impactor

QL series non-nylon tube high wind pressure DTH hammer

The QL40A tailpipe-less high-pressure hammer is a valveless high-pressure hammer designed by Ambiton and is currently one of the world’s leading hammers.

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QL40A tailpipeless hammer features

Simple structure

This hammer is designed for reference with advanced concepts. It uses few parts and has a simple structure. Each part of the hammer has been hardened. Therefore, it has a long working life, few failures, convenient repair and maintenance, and a good sense of use.

Energy saving

This tail-tube high-pressure hammer has low energy consumption, high impact frequency, 15%-30% faster drilling speed than the same type of hammer with nylon tube, high work efficiency, and also effectively reduces energy consumption.

Subtle design

The exquisite structure design of this tailpipe-free high wind pressure hammer effectively prolongs the duration of the stress wave, the hammer has a lower stress amplitude, the piston life is effectively extended, and the experience is better.

Structure diagram of QL40A tailpipe hammer

Technical parameters of QL40A tailpipe hammer

The scope of application of QL40A hammer

In actual production, it is recommended to be suitable for drilling various medium-hard and high-hard tough rocks with poor drillability in geotechnical engineering. It is widely used in mines, quarries, road construction and other projects such as drilling blast holes, landslide protection, dam site reinforcement, anchoring and other engineering holes, geothermal source air conditioning, hydrology, water well holes and other fields.

QL40A has a wide range of applications, guaranteed quality, high work efficiency, and long service life. It is the best hammer equipment in China and your best choice.

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