SP480 no tailpipe high wind pressure hammer

SP480 no tailpipe hammer

The SP480 tailpipeless hammer is suitable for geological prospecting, coal mines, water conservancy and hydropower, construction and other fields.


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The construction of urban high-rise buildings, the construction of high-speed railways, highways, bridges, subways, hydropower stations, nuclear power plants and other projects will all involve cast-in-place pile foundation projects. With the increasing demand for pile foundation holes in hard rock formations in these projects, the Speedmaster SP480 series large-aperture down-the-hole hammer came into being.

The main features of SP480 tailpipeless hammer are as follows:

The hammer bit of this model does not need nylon tube, so it saves the trouble caused by nylon tube fracture, damage and thermal expansion and contraction. It can avoid the problems that may occur during the use of the hammer and improve the impact. The experience of using the device.

The hammer of this model has low energy consumption, high impact frequency, and the drilling speed is 15%-30% faster than the same type of hammer with nylon tube. Therefore, the working efficiency of the hammer has been greatly improved, which greatly satisfies User needs.

The hammer of this model uses few parts, simple structure, exquisite design, exquisite production technology, and all parts are hardened, so the working life of the hammer has been extended, and the hammer has fewer failures during use. Repair and maintenance are more convenient.

SP480 no tail tube hammer technical parameters

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Brief overview of tailpipeless hammer

The structure of this hammer is very simple, the quality of the components is guaranteed, and the reliability is good. The hammer has a long service life, simple maintenance, low cost, wide application range, and good use experience.