Jaya B8 full hydraulic surface DTH drilling rig

Brief introduction of drilling rig

B8 full hydraulic surface DTH drilling rig is an integral high-efficiency multi-function DTH drilling rig integrating hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and reliable structural parts.
This rig has otherworldly performance in surface blast hole drilling in quarrying, mining and road construction, and running at lower revs results in longer engine life, less fuel consumption and better performance. Low cost of use, to achieve the ultimate goal of high efficiency, low energy consumption and cost saving.

Picture of DTH drilling rig

Features of DTH Drilling Rig

1.easy to use
Intuitive control system using a combination of joysticks and buttons. The cab has a wide field of vision, and the state and process of drilling, loading and unloading rods are clear at a glance, and the process is controllable.
2.Easy maintenance
The layout of the oil pipes is reasonable, and each oil pipe in the reel is in the corresponding guide groove to avoid mutual friction between the oil pipes and improve the life of the hose. Both ends of the oil pipe and cable are marked with circles for easy maintenance.
The engine meets the T emission requirements, and it integrates an air compressor and an automatic rod changer, which can be operated by a single person. The compact structure and efficient system save fuel consumption compared with the split machine.

DTH drilling rig parameters

Recommended aperture115-152 mm
drill pipe89*4000 mm
Drill pipe depth32 m
maximum torque2000 Nm
maximum speed120 rpm
Dimensions9200*2500*3200 mm
Total Weight15700 kg
B8 full hydraulic surface DTH drilling rig parameters