The best domestic high wind pressure impactor SP1080 series

SP1080 product description

The SP1080 high wind pressure hammer has a very simple structure, good component reliability, long service life, simple maintenance, and low cost. It is a cost-effective high wind pressure hammer.

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Advantages of SP1080 high wind pressure hammer:

No tailpipe design

The drill used in this hammer has no tail tube, which eliminates the damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the hammer bit during work and during transportation, and improves the experience of using the hammer.

Low energy consumption

This hammer adopts the new rock drilling theory to design the internal structure size of the hammer, so that the hammer can achieve ideal energy transmission, with large single impact power, high impact frequency and lower air consumption.

high efficiency

The impact frequency of this hammer is faster than the same period last year, and the drilling speed is more than 15% faster. Compared with the same period, the piston is thinner, the impact work is large, the punching efficiency is high, and the working efficiency of the hammer is higher and more excellent.

The parts and components of this hammer are made of good materials. The piston material is all imported special steel. The advanced heat treatment process is applied during casting and the surface of the hammer is strengthened, which effectively enhances the wear resistance of the hammer.

SP1080 high wind pressure hammer technical parameters

Application scope of high wind pressure hammer

In actual production, this type of hammer is recommended for drilling various medium-hard, high-hard and tough rocks with poor drillability in geotechnical engineering (depending on the type of hammer used). It is widely used in mining, quarry, road construction and other projects such as drilling blasting holes, anchoring and other engineering holes, geothermal source air conditioning, hydrology, water well holes and other fields.