ZGYX-452+/452H Integrated open-air DTH drill rig

Product Features

  • The supporting power of this drilling rig is Yuchai YC6A260L-T301 with 16/17 screw air compressor. Meet the standard dry dust collector with 90-138mm aperture;
  • The powerful two-speed hydraulic traveling mechanism has strong off-road capability, and the high-torque rotary motor can easily deal with the stuck drill;
  • The two-stage dry dust collection device is environmentally friendly and also helps to improve production efficiency;
  • The integrated technology solves the problems of engineering and mine air compressor movement and remote management.

Drill rig Picture

Product Specifications

Drill Rig Maintenance Guide

Check hydraulic oil regularly

  1. Open the hydraulic oil tank to see if the color of the hydraulic oil is clear and transparent. If it is emulsified or deteriorated, it needs to be replaced immediately. If the drilling rig is used frequently, the hydraulic oil should generally be replaced every six months. It is forbidden to mix two kinds of hydraulic oil!
  2. The hydraulic oil used in the drilling rig is anti-wear hydraulic oil, which contains agents, anti-rust agents and anti-foam agents, etc., which can effectively prevent the early wear of hydraulic components such as oil pumps and hydraulic motors.