TS450S-6 Series well drilling rig

TS450S-6 Series well drilling rig

Product introduction

All actions of TS450S-6 water well drilling rig are completed by hydraulic device, so the labor intensity is low. The size of the whole vehicle is reasonable, the distance between the front and rear legs is large, and the journey is high. It can complete the loading of the vehicle by itself without lifting. All operating handles are integrated into the console, the operation interface is simple and clear, and the operation of the drilling rig can be monitored at any time. Electrical integration
Chemical system, high waterproof level, improve the safety of drilling rig. The closed leg design of the fuselage effectively solves the problem of sediment backflow which has been plagued for a long time.

Product features

The hydraulic pipeline layout of TS450S-6 drilling rig is scientific and reasonable, which effectively reduces the unnecessary friction between pipelines, and successfully extends the service life of hydraulic hose. The inlaid hydraulic oil tank of the drill body makes the overall structure of the drilling rig more reasonable and its performance more stable. The special wear-resistant angle steel structure is adopted for the propulsion and lifting track of the power head. The clearance can be adjusted in time according to the wear condition. During drilling, the sliding frame and power head vibrate lightly and the propulsion resistance is small.

TS450S-6 series water well drilling rig is a kind of multi-functional hydraulic drilling equipment, which is suitable for water intake operation in mountainous areas and complex rock strata with harsh environment..

Technical parameters of TS450S-6 water well drilling rig