TS550S-6 Series well drilling rig

TS550S-6 well drilling rig

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Product overview

TS550S-6  series well drilling rig is a kind of multifunctional hydraulic drilling equipment, which can be used for water intake in various environments.

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product design

The sprocket wheel of drilling rig is embedded with cylindrical roller bearing and skeleton oil seal, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of drilling rig. The engine intake system of the fuselage is filtered for 2-3 times to protect the engine. The stroke of the sliding frame is 6.6 meters, which can realize the one-time 6-meter pipe following operation, and the drilling efficiency has been improved.

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Product details

All the operating handles on the fuselage of the model are integrated into the console. The operation interface is simple and elegant, and the staff can monitor the operation of the drilling rig at any time during the operation of the drilling rig. The body of the drilling rig is equipped with an integrated electrical system, which has a high waterproof level, and the safety of the drilling rig is also improved.

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Technical parameters of TS550S-6 water well drilling rig

The unique inlaid hydraulic oil tank makes the overall structure of the drilling rig more reasonable and its performance more stable. The special wear-resistant angle steel structure is adopted for the propulsion and lifting track of the power head. The clearance can be adjusted in time according to the wear condition. During drilling, the sliding frame and power head vibrate lightly and the propulsion resistance is small. The core parts of the whole vehicle adopt famous brands at home and abroad to ensure the stability of drilling rig performance.

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