What to pay attention to when using an air compressor

Safety precautions for screw air compressors

1.1 The installation of the unit shall comply with the contents described in the relevant installation chapters in this manual.
1.2 The compressor unit is equipped with fixed personnel to operate, the operator should read carefully before operation,
Understand the contents of this manual, according to the work procedures and safety precautions in the manual, or through our company’s technical
It can only be operated after the training of the operator.
1.3 The commissioning of the new machine must be commissioned by the commissioning personnel designated or approved by our company. .
1.4 The compressor cannot work under the discharge pressure higher than that specified on the nameplate, otherwise it will cause the motor
Excessive working current, overload shutdown or other faults.
1.5 The overhauler of the electrical equipment of the unit shall be operated by the electrical personnel holding the electrical work certificate.
1.6 It is strictly forbidden to change the structure and control method of the machine at will, unless there is a written approval from the company,
Otherwise, our company will not take any responsibility.
1.7 During the use process or online control, corresponding warning signs must be placed on the system equipment
(Hint: it will start automatically! ).
1.8 During inspection or maintenance, make sure that the power supply has been cut off, and hang a sign of prohibiting closing on the closing handle of the power supply to prevent others from closing and sending electricity. At the same time, confirm the pressure in the whole compressor system
How the cable is empty
1.9 When the compressor fails or has hidden loyalty, do not forcibly turn it on, and the power should be cut off at this time.
source, and set up prominent signs to notify the repair personnel or our company’s technical personnel on time.
1.10 After turning on the machine, the operator should not leave immediately, but should wait for the unit to operate normally before leaving.
go. If any special phenomenon is found during starting, the machine should be stopped immediately and the relevant maintenance personnel should be notified.
1.11 During use, if the phase sequence of the power supply changes, you must pay attention to the rotation of the unit when starting up.
Rotate the direction to prevent damage caused by the reverse rotation of the unit.
1.12 The user should use the compressor lubricating
Otherwise, the unit will be damaged due to improper use of lubricating oil, please pay attention to it!
1.13 When cleaning the parts of the unit, a non-corrosive safe solvent should be used, and the operator must wear protective gear.
goggles to prevent splashes of cleaning fluid into your eyes.
1.14 Matters needing attention during safe operation.
In order to avoid the accident of personal injury and damage to the machine, the user needs to formulate specific safety operation procedures. Please abide by the following:
a. Operators should be trained and read and understand this manual carefully.
b. If a special situation occurs, stop the machine immediately and cut off the power supply.
c. The electrical equipment of the machine must be overhauled by a skilled electrician according to the regulations of the electrical industry.
d. Even if no safety failure is found, wearing parts such as hoses should be regularly checked and replaced.
e. The safety valve and pressure gauge are regularly checked. .