An overview of the working principle of the air compressor

Compressor working principle

Compressor working principle: The oil-free air compressor is a miniature reciprocating piston compressor. The motor is driven by a single shaft and has a symmetrical distribution of crank rocker mechanical structure. The main motion is a piston ring, and the secondary motion is an aluminum alloy cylindrical surface. Between the same piston ring self-lubricating without adding any lubricant. The volume of the cylindrical cylinder changes periodically through the reciprocating motion of the crank and rocker, and the volume of the cylinder changes twice in opposite directions for one cycle of motor operation. When the positive direction is the expansion direction of the cylinder volume, the cylinder volume is vacuum, the atmospheric pressure is greater than the air pressure in the cylinder, and the air enters the cylinder through the air valve, which is the suction process at this time: when the reverse direction is the volume reduction direction
When the gas entering the cylinder is compressed, the pressure in the volume increases rapidly. When the pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure, the exhaust valve is opened, which is the exhaust process. The structural arrangement of the single-shaft double-cylinder makes the gas flow rate of the compressor twice that of the single-cylinder when the rated speed is constant, and the vibration and noise generated by the single-cylinder compressor are well resolved, and the overall structure is more compact.
The working principle of the whole machine: the air enters the compressor from the intake pipe, the rotation of the motor makes the piston move back and forth, compresses the air, and the pressure gas opens the one-way valve from the air outlet through the high-pressure hose and enters the air storage tank, and the pointer of the pressure gauge shows Then it rises to 8BAR, and when it is greater than 8BAR, the pressure switch is automatically turned off, the motor stops working, and the solenoid valve reduces the air pressure in the compressor head to 0 through the pressure relief pipe. It is 8 KG, and the gas is exhausted through the filter pressure regulating valve and the exhaust switch. When the air pressure in the air tank drops to 5 kg, the pressure switch is turned on.
Automatically turns on and the compressor starts working again.