ZGSJ-200 Water Well Drill Rig

ZGSJ-200 crawler multifunctional water well drilling rig is a new type, high efficiency and multi-functional hydraulic drilling rig. It is mainly used for drilling and drilling wells, detection wells, geothermal air-conditioning wells and other drill pipe operations.

Technical Specification

Transportation Length5400mm
Transportation Width1900mm
Transportation Height2500mm
Machine Weight5.7T
Engine Yuchai YCD4R22T-80
Climbing Ability25°
Ground Clearance280mm
Tramming Speed2.4km/h
Hole Depth180m

Product Features

ZGSJ-200 water well drilling rig is equipped with high-end equipment, which can be widely used in many drilling fields. In the design of the drilling rig, the advanced technology at home and abroad is taken into consideration. In combination with the advantages of excellent products at home and abroad, the key hydraulic components are imported brands to ensure the reliability of the whole machine. It is the leading well drilling truck in China at present.

ZGSJ-200 water well drilling rig is equipped with a good loading capacity, which can flexibly lift drilling tools or auxiliary tools within 1.5 tons, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators. The drilling rig is equipped with a large torque traveling motor, which makes the drilling machine can walk freely and quickly in different working conditions and sites, so the working efficiency of the drilling rig is greatly improved.
ZGSJ-200 water well drilling rig is equipped with double gear mode. The fast and slow gears are equipped for propulsion and lifting, which can improve the drilling efficiency. The body of the drilling rig is equipped with a high torque rotary head, and the rotation speed is adjustable. It is suitable for different aperture and geological conditions.

ZGSJ-200 water well drilling rig can be used with diesel solid air compressor for deep wells or electric mobile air compressor. The combination of the two can achieve better effect and effectively improve work efficiency.