ZEGA UP45 Craeier DTH Drill Rig

Zega up45 crawler down the hole mining rig is a new, efficient and professional underground medium deep hole drilling rig developed by Zhigao tunneling company. The drilling rig is mainly used in underground mining, rescue and relief, water conservancy engineering and railway anchoring and other projects.

DTH Drill Rig
ZEGA UP45 Craeier DTH Drill Rig

Main technical specifications

Tramming speed1.5/3Km/h
Turning radius原地 360°
Hole diameter90-130mm
Hole depth0-30m
Pipe diameter76/68mm
Drill pipe length1.5m
Nos.of pipes20根 ea
Air pressure10-25bar

Product Features

In the design of ZEGA UP45 crawler DTH drilling rig, the working characteristics of foreign mining rigs are referred, and the drilling technology and market of medium and deep holes in China are combined to achieve the best performance and technology of the drilling rig. In terms of cost, the original cost of drilling rig is reduced, the use cost and maintenance cost are reduced, and the consumables are rich. This model is simple to use and has a good sense of use.

In terms of the original parts, the key hydraulic and electrical components of the drilling rig are all imported brands, and the quality can be guaranteed. The original of imported brand can ensure the reliability of the drilling rig when working. Even if the drilling rig product is used in the underground harsh environment, it can still ensure the working efficiency and effect of the drilling rig.

The control system of ZEGA UP45 drilling rig is very advanced, and its technology is developed by combining with the current intelligent technology. It has been fully verified in the market and its performance is stable and reliable. In terms of power, the drilling rig has diesel electric dual power system, diesel generator is responsible for walking, with high and low walking speed; motor is responsible for work, energy saving and low noise. The water mist is used to remove dust and improve the surrounding air environment. The water volume can be adjusted according to the actual working conditions, and the alarm will be given in case of water shortage