ZGSJ200/450 Water Well Drilling Rig

Drilling Rig Features

  • High-end configuration, which can be widely used in multiple drilling fields;
  • The hoisting and coiling yard machine can flexibly hoist drilling tools within 1.5 tons, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator;
  • Equipped with a high-torque traveling motor, it can travel freely and quickly under different working conditions.
  • The punching efficiency is high, the rotation speed is adjustable, and it is suitable for different apertures and geological conditions.

ZGSJ200/450 Water Well Drilling Rig Specifications

The reason why the water well drilling rig may fail to catch fire when it is turned on?

  1. Circuit reasons
  2. Check the battery pile head
    First, check the battery pile head, clean the battery pile head, and then tighten the screw of the pile head. The reason for the failure to fire several times before is because the battery pile head is loose and the voltage is not enough. Use a multimeter to measure the battery voltage.
  3. Check the relay box fuse box
    Next, start to check the starter relay and fuse box, open the relay box of the water well drilling rig to check whether the joint is loose, and then open the fuse box to check whether the starter circuit fuse is burned out.
    Second, the reason for the oil circuit
  4. Check if there is enough fuel
  5. Drain water from oil-water separator
  6. Engine exhaust air