ZGYX-420ST/425S Anchor Drilling Rig

ZGYX-420ST/425S Product Features

  • The supporting power standard for this type of drilling rig is a dual power design. In the standard configuration, a 76mm three-meter drill rod or a variety of twist drill rods are optional. It is a dual-purpose model of diesel and electric, which can switch power at any time;
  • The use of high-torque double cycloid motor to drive the rotary head increases the torque of the drilling rig up to 7000Nm, which makes the drilling hole range larger, which can be widely used in foundation pit anchors, pipes, and large-aperture twist drill pipe operations;
  • Standard assembly plunger motor international construction machinery walking track, climbing more powerful, more reliable quality.

Product Picture

ZGYX-420ST/425S Technology Information

Drilling Rig Maintenance Guide

Check hydraulic oil regularly

  1. Open the hydraulic oil tank to see if the color of the hydraulic oil is clear and transparent. If it is emulsified or deteriorated, it needs to be replaced immediately. If the drilling rig is used frequently, the hydraulic oil should generally be replaced every six months. It is forbidden to mix two kinds of hydraulic oil!
  2. The hydraulic oil used in the drilling rig is anti-wear hydraulic oil, which contains agents, anti-rust agents and anti-foam agents, etc., which can effectively prevent the early wear of hydraulic components such as oil pumps and hydraulic motors.