Air compressor operation safety operation rules

Factory Direct Price Air compressor

  1. Observe the “Regulations on Safe Operation of Pressure Vessels”.
  2. Before driving, check equipment, protective devices and safety accessories should be in good condition, check
    The amount of lubricating oil everywhere should be appropriate, the oil quality should be clean, and the flywheel should be turned by hand for 2-3 turns. disagree
    Almost asked not to drive.
  3. Cool the valve before starting the water-cooled air compressor, and then turn on the motor. It should be guaranteed during operation
    The supply of cooling water, the cooling water outlet temperature should not exceed the inlet water temperature by 10–20°C, and the crankshaft temperature
    rise not to exceed 60°C. When there is no cooling water or water is stopped, the operation should be stopped.
  4. The flash point of the lubricating oil used should be 40°C higher than the normal temperature of the compressed air, and the oil pressure should be
  5. The internal and external inspections of gas storage tanks and conduit joints are carried out once a year, comprehensive inspection and pressure test
    Once every six years, and make detailed records. To indicate the working pressure on the gas tank, next time
    The inspection date, and the “Regular Inspection Certificate” is issued by the professional inspection unit. Unqualified storage
    Gas tanks must not be used.
  6. The safety valve must be fixed at a constant pressure of 1.05 times the working pressure, and be manually activated once a month.
    Test and check with a standard pressure gauge every six months and seal with lead.
  7. Clean the valve, suction and exhaust valves with diesel fuel every two weeks. cleaned parts
    It must run without load for 10 minutes, and only after there is no abnormal phenomenon can it be put into normal work. 8. When inspecting
    When checking and repairing equipment, care should be taken to avoid sawdust, iron filings, wipes, etc.
    inside the catheter. Regularly remove carbon deposits from the exhaust line.
  8. Do not carry out any repair work when the machine is running or the equipment is under pressure.
  9. The pressure gauge should be checked every six months, and the check label should be kept in good condition. in use if
    If it is found that the pointer cannot return to the zero position, the dial scale is unclear or broken, etc., it should be replaced immediately. work
    If abnormal sound, smell, vibration or malfunction occurs during operation, immediately
    Stop it and use it only after it has been overhauled.
  10. Non-operators are not allowed to enter the machine room. Due to work needs, it must be approved by the relevant departments
    meaning. Inflammable and explosive materials are not allowed in the equipment room.
  11. After the work is completed, the residual gas in the gas storage tank should be released, and the sewage should be drained once a week.
    Put in clean cooling water.
    1l3. The mobile air compressor should be operated by someone who is familiar with the equipment operation technology, and it should be checked before starting up.
    Check whether the electrical circuit, gate knife, gas pipeline and valve are in good condition, and the pressure gauge and safety valve are guaranteed.
    Sensitive, with no damage to the protective cover. Overpressure operation is strictly prohibited.