Air compressor unit operating rules and matters needing attention

Safety operating code for air compressors

I. Main Equipment:

Air compressor *1, air storage tank *1, dryer *1, filter *3

Two, equipment switch sequence:

  1. Start up: first turn on the drying machine and then turn on the air compressor. After the air compressor self-test is normal, click the touch screen and the “start” option on the screen starts to work:

2, shutdown: first turn off the air compressor, click the “stop” option on the touch screen, wait for one minute, the machine, completely stop before turning off the power, and finally turn off the drying machine power.

Three, the air compressor working pressure:

After the air compressor starts up, the air pressure will be. If the air is not used within 5 minutes, the machine will stop running. The normal working pressure is 0.7mpa. When the pressure is lower than 0.65mpa, the machine will automatically start pressurizing. .

Four, operating regulations and matters needing attention:

  1. Heat dissipation: the working temperature of the air compressor is 75~95°C. When working, the exhaust fan in the working room must be opened for heat dissipation.
  2. Air compressor maintenance _ (fill in the inspection and maintenance record form):

A) Oil coolant inspection: check whether there is oil leakage at the bottom of the air compressor before starting and after shutting down every day. Open the cover plate at least once A week to check the observation mirror of the oil and gas barrel. If the oil level is lower than the minimum oil level line, it is necessary to refuel in time.

B) The oil coolant needs to be changed every 500 hours (the system has the function of self-test and will automatically alarm). When changing the oil, the pressure in the oil and gas barrel must be released first and the oil temperature must be paid attention to to avoid burns. .

  1. Check the air pressure of the gas storage tank: check the pressure gauge on the gas storage tank every 4 hours during the work of the air compressor. The normal pressure value should be between 0.65~ 0.8mpa _ (fill in the inspection and maintenance record form).
  2. Drainage of gas storage tank, dryer and filter _ (fill in the inspection and maintenance record form):

A) The filter on the air storage tank should be drained once A week (pay attention to the air pressure at the outlet, the same as below);

B) Drainage valve at the bottom of the gas storage tank: it shall be drained once a week. Times;

C) Two filters connected to the dryer: drain water once a month;

D) Drainpipe at the bottom of the dryer: connect the drainpipe for automatic drainage.

  1. Check the working state of the dryer: touch the inlet pipe and exhaust pipe of the dryer by hand. The inlet pipe should be at room temperature or warm (touch carefully to avoid hot hands), and the exhaust pipe should be cold.