Air compressor room safety technical operation rules

Precautions for the use of air compressors

  1. Operators should strictly abide by their posts, and are not allowed to leave their posts without authorization, and it is strictly forbidden to operate after drinking.
  2. The air compressor room should be kept clean and dry to prevent the motor of the air compressor from being affected by moisture or suction.
    into the dust.
  3. Inflammable and explosive materials such as gasoline, oil cotton yarn, etc. shall not be stored in the computer room or near the gas storage tank, and the fire-fighting facilities shall be checked regularly. The place where the four gas storage tanks are placed should be well ventilated. Welding or thermal processing shall not be carried out within 15m of the gas storage tank.
  4. The air compressor shall not be maintained or repaired during operation.
  5. The air compressor after installation or maintenance should be tested and run under load after confirming reliable performance.
  6. When operating the high-voltage switchgear, you must stand on the insulating rubber pad and wear insulating gloves.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to use gasoline or kerosene to clean the air filter, cylinder and other compressed air pipelines and other parts of the air compressor. Do not use combustion methods to remove oil pollution from pipelines.
  8. When blowing the parts with compressed air, it is strictly forbidden to point the nozzle to the human body or other equipment.
  9. When the cooling water temperature of the internal combustion engine is too high and the cover of the water tank needs to be opened, gloves should be worn or a thick cloth pad should be used, and the face of the person should avoid the opening of the water tank.
  10. It is strictly forbidden to smoke and approach open flame sources when refueling.
  11. When one of the following situations is found during the operation of the air compressor, the operator should stop the machine for inspection:
    1) The compressor has serious air leakage or water leakage; the cooling water is suddenly interrupted.
    2) The lubricating oil pressure drops below 100Kpa or is suddenly interrupted; the lubricating oil temperature is too high.
    3) The intermediate pressure, secondary exhaust pressure or exhaust temperature exceeds the allowable range.
    4) The indicated value of the ammeter, pressure gauge and temperature gauge suddenly exceeds the specified value.
    5) The compressor or motor has abnormal sound. There is a serious flashover between the slip ring of the motor and the brush.