Standard use of air compressors can ensure smooth production.

For efficient and stable operation, in addition to regular maintenance, daily maintenance and inspection are also very important. Here are five good habits for permanent magnet air compressors during use.

  1. Keep the air compressor station clean and tidy.
    Dust and debris oil not only contaminate lubricants, increase wear and corrosion of parts, but also cause machine failure. Keeping the machine room clean can effectively prolong the service life of the machine and ensure the normal operation of the machine.
  2. Check the air compressor accessories.
    Regularly check whether the air compressor accessories are loose and the pipe joints are not leaking. It should be noted that the life cycle of the consumable parts of the air compressor accessories should be recorded. After reaching a certain period, it must be cleaned and replaced in time.
  3. Air compressor lubricating oil.
    Check the oil level of the lubricant. Once it is lower than the oil level, it should be added in time. Be careful not to mix different brands of air compressor oil. You can add new oil after draining the old oil.
  4. Drain the gas tank.
    Air storage tanks, coolers, and oil-water separators should often release oil and water;
  5. Check the unit motor.
    Always check whether there is debris in the motor, whether the coil is damaged, and whether the stator and rotor are rubbed to prevent the motor from being burned after starting;
  6. Pay attention to the operating status of the unit.
    Always pay attention to instruments, air pressure readings and unit sounds when the air compressor is running. Investigate the abnormality in time. Secondly, the pressure in the air tank must not exceed the pressure specified on the nameplate. The unit discharge valve is opened 1~2 times every 2~4 hours to discharge clean condensed water. When cleaning the machine well, pay attention to the fact that the unit cannot be washed with cold water after long-term operation.
    The above are some points that need to be paid attention to in the daily use of the air compressor. Standard use of air compressors can ensure smooth production.