Boreas PM variable frequency screw air compressor

Advantages of main engine of bmvf series permanent magnet screw air compressor

① The exhaust port is designed synchronously with the system. The optimized exhaust port does not need to subdivide the medium and high pressure orifices.
② The best atomization effect and the best oil-gas mixture design.

③ The unique design ensures the effective release of the closed exhaust volume.
④ High precision processing and testing technology to ensure the realization of design requirements.

The difference between BMVF series permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor and common frequency screw air compressor

① Compact structure, small volume, very low noise (without cooling fan structure)
② High efficiency: using rare earth permanent magnet material, the magnetic field intensity is large, the rotor of permanent magnet synchronous motor is permanent magnet, without excitation, so the loss of stator current and stator resistance is reduced.
③ It has the advantages of large starting torque, small current, wide speed regulation range, high speed regulation accuracy, and speed regulation error of 1 / 30000. Permanent magnet synchronous motor has low inertia, constant torque and fast response speed.


①  smaller volume, lighter weight and less noise.
② The motor and screw host are coaxial, so the efficiency is higher.
③ The patented flux weakening control, pressure control and simple and stable open-loop control of permanent magnet motor can adapt to a variety of harsh working conditions and make the system more stable.
④ Wider speed regulation range (15% – 100%), higher regulation accuracy and wider gas supply pressure range.
⑥ The comprehensive online diagnosis function of screw compressor is being developed.

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