FYX180 crawler type water well drilling rig

Product introduction

FYX180 crawler type water well drilling rig has good performance and can work normally in various environments. FYX180 crawler type water well drilling rig is suitable for industrial and civil drilling and geothermal drilling. It has the advantages of large diameter, deep drilling, fast footage, flexibility and high efficiency.

FYX180 Dynamic diagram of drilling rig

Product introduction

The engine of FYX180 drilling rig is a 55kW turbocharged engine of Anhui quanchai.

Product details

The walking device is equipped with travel motor and reducer, so the drilling rig is more durable and has a long service life.

Product introduction

The hydraulic oil pump of the drilling rig body adopts the parallel transmission design. The single oil pump is separated, the power supply is sufficient and the distribution is reasonable. The unique design of the hydraulic system of the drilling rig effectively reduces the maintenance and repair costs of the drilling rig

Advantages of FYX180 drilling rig

The hydraulic oil pump of FYX180 drilling rig adopts parallel transmission design. The oil pump unit is separated, the power supply is sufficient, the distribution is reasonable, the hydraulic system is unique, the maintenance is simple and the cost is small

Power head device

Gearbox casting, dual motor power, high torque, product durability has been improved, maintenance costs are low

Drilling rig chassis

The body of drilling rig is equipped with rubber track body disc, which is durable, heavy bearing capacity, wide chain plate and small damage to hard road surface

Lifting power

Patent design composite boom, small size, long stroke, double cylinder lifting, large lifting tonnage

Technical parameters of FYX180 water well drilling rig