KG320/KG320H Down the hole Drill Rig for Open Use

Picture of KG320 / kg320h open air DTH drilling rig

The open-air DTH drilling rig is a new equipment upgraded according to the national environmental protection requirements..


Introduction of drilling rig

The body of the open-air DTH drilling rig is equipped with Yuchai four cylinder national three engine, which has good performance and meets the national emission and environmental protection requirements.

The rig has been upgraded and optimized, and the pitching and boom lifting cylinders have been increased to meet the requirements of extreme position, and the sense of use has been greatly improved.

The open-air down the hole drilling rig body is equipped with plunger travel motor, which can effectively improve the working pressure and the climbing performance of the drilling rig itself.

The hydraulic system of the drilling rig has also been upgraded, effectively increasing the system flow and improving the rotary speed of the drilling rig.

Advantages and features of KG320 / KG320h open air down the hole drilling rig

The open-air DTH drilling rig optimizes the lifting cylinder and improves the reliability.
The guide rail adopts inclined installation, which is convenient for operation and observation.

The shell of the drilling rig is made of thickened profiles, and lifting rings are added to facilitate loading, unloading and hoisting.

Technical parameters of KG320 / KG320Hsurface down the hole drilling rig